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Managing your Gym Sales teams

Managing your Leisure Club or Gym Membership Sales Team

Contrary to what many Club Managers and business owners believe. Members do not simply join our clubs.

I hear all the time excuses like.

- The competition are cheaper

- The competition is newer

- Our location stops us getting walk-ins

- We have spent thousands on marketing but they don't work

- We don't have enough leads

The list of excuses as to why a club does not succeed with membership sales are endless.  However, in my experience they come down to one main cause.  There are few if any processes in the sales structure and what is there is not being managed.  

I hope to give you some understanding of the minimum expectations required to ensure you are set up for success.  This will in no way guarantee it but it will definately ensure you are managing the team to make the most of your marketing initiatives.

So where to start:


You should have already set your club target for the month.  This now needs to be broken down between the team members.  My suggestion is to base individual targets on the number of shifts they are rota'd for.  Even full timers may do a different number of days even just by 1 day.   This means the individual is now responsible for their own performances.

Simple equation:

Target 100

Add up the total shifts your staff are working between them

divide 100 by this total

then multiply the number by the number of days each individual is working

This will create their sales targets.

We break down our team target for a number of reasons.  One is to make the staff accountable for achieving their fair share, it allows for their performance to be managed and finally allows you to break the larger target down into more achievable chunks. 

As a basic rule of the thumb the following activities should be a minimum expectation from every individual

- 20 Completed calls (this does not include left messages or those calls that were attempted.  Attempted calls are those where the advisor actually makes contact with the prospect)

- 10+ New prospects per advisor per day.  This could be referrals or 

- 25%+ of these calls should book an appointment for a free trial or a tour

- 70% of the appointments should show up.

- 70% of appointments should join

If you already have statistics of your clubs current conversion stats you can actually work out your clubs personal targets on all the above. For example,

If your target is 100

You tour to sale percentage 50% meaning you need to do 200 tours

Appointment show percentage is 50%, you now need to book 400 appointments

Calls to appointment ratio is 50% meaning you need to book 800 appointments

You now realise that a target of 100 required a significant level of activity.  You will be right in thinking, the higher you can get the conversion rates the easier the workload becomes and so the importance of setting up your team and ensuring regular training takes place is vital.


Asa business owner not only should this target be broken down between your team but more importantly broken down daily. This exercise should also be carried out with your revenue targets. Braek all reevenue targets into daily and weekly chunks. This allows the target to appear manageable and allows small successes to be celebrated.

Importance of a membership and prospect data base system

There is a very important point to make here.  Every club from the small independent to the large commercial gym should have a membership system that they can manage their activity.  We recommend Club Right but there are a range of other suppliers. 

This allows you to manage daily activity of your team as well as new joiners, contact details, referrals and usage statistics.

What you days should look like?

A membership sales team does not need to be in any earlier than 9am unless you have a specific customer that requires any different.  The same applies to the evening in that 9pm should be the latest. 

The following activities are a must for every club:

- Outreach every day - up to 4 hours per day

- 2 Call drives - set between 12-13.30 and 17.00 - 20.00.  These would be done as a team where possible and be as exciting and vibrant as possible.  have challenges, set targets, play games between the team to get results and ultimately reward success

- In Reach activity - to be carried out during peak periods,  have a referral desk manned in an attempt to ask for names and telephone numbers of those looking to join.

The Sales Board

This is a vital tool for you to manage and for the tean to self manage their progress.  An example can be see below and shows all the details required for you and your managers and team to understand where they and what still needs to be achieved

Meetings and Training:

I cannot count how often i see underperforming teams that do not have regular individual 1-1 and group meetings.  These are vital to address shortfalls in training, to focus the team on the challenge ahead and to discuss the daily activities and targets. HA

Every sales team should have a group meeting at the start of the day or before the first call drive.  This is discuss yesterdays performance, what could have been done better and to discuss the objections and have a small group role play o training on those specifics.

Every week each individual team members should also have a 1-1 for 20 mins to go through their performance.  This allows you to praise good performance or discuss actions for poor performance.  The individual performance statistics should be reviewed along side all of their prospects, where each is on the buying cycle and what do we need to do to get them joined.  Including maybe a call from you as the manager.

Sales in any form is not rocket science, it is a people games.  What is often neglected is the discipline required to keep the basics moving.  If you don’t manage the team and the processes the team will quickly become lazy and your performance will drop.  High performing teams always know the goal, the route and the expectations.  Your job is to know they are where they need to be, delivering what is expected of them.

Despite all of this, make it fun. Sales people are often your influencers, they like to be praised, they like to work in fun environments and they like excitement. keep them hyped and motivated and you will be well on your way to smashing targets

A great source of Information on the sales process and managing sales team is Casey Conrad. Check her out and buy her books. Well worth a read

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